Sunday, March 9, 2014

Workplace hidden in the desk.

The goal

Make clean an usable workplace hidden in your desk.


Big, mostly estetic.


  • drawer rails
  • wooden planks
  • screws


In a old flat I had separate room for my lab, but when I had to move out, I couldn't take my whole lab with me, so I've make over my desk drawer and locker to mini-lab.

Here are some photos.

"Ordinary desk"

Normally, oscilloscope is hidden by open laptop cover.

Drawer and locker looks pretty normal, but ..

Instead of normal drawer is something more useful.

Locker opens in different way.

Now there is plenty place for stuff, cables, modules etc.

Second drawer is for PCBs made by me (left), prototype boards (right), and other things (back).

Here are some resistors, microcontrollers and other small things.

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