1. This page is 'as it is' and will never be better.
  2. Articles are written in English, to reach more people. I'm not fluent writing in foreign language, so I want to apologise for every lang-artefact.
  3. Everything on this blog is free (unless it's written in article), schematics, code, files, etc.
  4. If You found some misstatements, feel free to mail me. I would be grateful.
  5. Articles do not describe all the steps needed to complete the project. If I had to describe all the details, this blog would turn into uncontrollable monster. For example, I wrote 'using OpenWrt SDK', but I didn't tell you how to setup SDK in your environment.
  6. If you have questions about the article, please email me, I will try to answer for all your questions.
  7. Have fun.